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The Outstanding & Liebster Blogger Awards

Welcome back to yet another blogging award! I am so grateful that I got nominated for both of them by two amazing bloggers. I had gotten nominated on the same day and so decided to club the two together to make this fun post!

These two were nominated by Catie and Aanya and I find the ethics in both awards quite similar. Catie has a really interesting lifestyle blog. I’ve been following her for quite a while now and her content and consistency to post amaze me to this day. She covers a lot of fun topics from pack with me to many many more.

Aanya has a very engrossing blog too. She had recently crossed more than 100 followers and I am super proud of you! Her content is more about books especially the well known JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I love reading her posts as they take me back to my mid teen days when I was truly fascinated by the book. Check her out too!

Let’s get into the questions now and I shall be answering both of theirs separately

Catee Blog

1.How are you doing?

I am doing good, how about you guys?

2. Have you ever cried during a movie?

I am not a watch a movie and cry type of person no matter how sad it would be. But if I watch a pretty sappy or sad movie, I would have it’s sadness filled in my heart for a long time and I would be internally depressed until I forget about it. I seriously feel I could cry rather than deal with it like this, haha.

3. What’s the last song you listened to?

Are you bored yetby the Wallows. I listen to it all the time and was really surprised to hear Dylan Minnette sing the song considering the impression he had given on 13 Reasons Why.

4. If you have a nickname, what is it?

My nickname is Ana. My friends stared calling me by that as I have quite a long name. It did change for a couple of years but even now a few call me so.

5.What’s your favorite scent of candle?

I am not a scented candle type of person. If at all I would use one I would go for the plain old vanilla fragrance as they are really calming and even brightens my mood.

6. Last thing you bought?

I am a huge fan of nude brown lipsticks and as you can guess it was lipsticks both similar in shades of nude brown called Let it snooze and Nude dream.

7. Butterflies or Ladybugs?

Not a big fan of insects but I would go for butterflies as I am truly fascinated by the range of colours they come in!

Soaring Firebolt

  1. Do you like stories ?

I love stories! If you mean by books, then of course! I love the idea of escaping reality and into a whole another world in my imagination.

2. Which country do you belong to?

I belong in the country India. I’ve been here ever since I was born and am seriously attached to it 🙂

4. When is your birthday ?

My birthday is on 17th June. I had written a journal in my blog on my birthday. Click here to check it out!

5. Suggest me a story theme.

Haha not a good story writer, but I love to read. Maybe try something related to sci-fi thriller!

6. What inspired you writing blogs ?

Blogging was almost a year long dream of mine(or even more). I loved reading blogs of You tubers and the whole idea of creating a website fascinated me and I wanted to learn it for myself. Moreover I am very into makeup, art and lifestyle posts so that’s how it started. I am very proud of my journey till now with the help of some amazing people I have met along the way too 😊

7. If you have a wish then what would it be?

Hmm, that is quite a difficult question. I guess my wish would be to complete my boards well and get into a really good college. I would also wish upon the people who got affected due to the various atrocities happening around the world to get well soon.

8. Describe yourself.

Oh I really wish that I could have another person describe me rather than myself, but I did hear this from a lot of people that I am really outgoing and I connect with people easily. But at the same time I could identify who is real and who is not.

9. What is your favorite place you want to visit again?

My favourite place would be Dubai. I used to visit that place every summer when I was little as my aunt and uncle reside over there and would love to visit it again as it has been very long. Moreover ever since I got into makeup I’ve been dying to visit the place again as I want to go and look at the building of Huda Beauty and possibly meet her through a meet and greet in case they host at all.

10. One weakness you want to overcome.

I guess it would be to stop letting people walk over me, as I am very forgiving and I think I need to learn to put a stop when needed.

11. Your favorite song / quote.

I had already mentioned my favourite song so I’ll recite my favourite quote. I had randomly read it on Pinterest one day and have been following it ever since. Let me know in case you have come across this. I would love to know who had written it

Whatever causes night in our souls, leave stars


These are the links to both of their answers to the awards:

Outstanding blogger award

Liebster Award

As I am new I am not very familiar with the blogs of a lot of amazing people on this platform yet but I am trying to connect everyday. By the next award I would be sure to nominate some beautiful bloggers here.

Thank you so much for reading today. Click the above links to follow the rules and regulations, in case you’re interested and do support both of them!

Until then,


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